Zhanxian-Chapter 657: Cultivating Merit

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It could make ordinary body refining pills achieve the medicinal effect of seventh grade body refining pills, if this was not called heaven defying, what else could be called heaven defying? The reason for this heaven-defying effect was because of merit. 

Of course, just adding a few points of merit will not be able to make the body refining pill of the first grade reach the effect of the seventh grade. The specific degree of defying the heavens depends on the amount of merit added. The more merits which are added, the more obvious the effect will be.

For Yang Chen, the current merit is the least cherished thing. The merits of Yang Chen’s body at this moment are only under the current Heavenly Court system; what Yang Chen will do after his rebirth is to overthrow the Heavenly Court headed by the Profound Heaven Sect. Since even the current Heavenly Court is going to be overthrown, the merit left by the overthrown Heavenly Court can only be wasted if it was not used.

Others don’t know, but Yang Chen himself knows that even if he uses up the immeasurable merits in his body after he arrives in the Heavenly court, he may not be able to use them up in just a few thousand years. Now that he knew that there was such a good thing, Yang Chen certainly wished for it.

The most important point is that whether it is a magic weapon or a pill refined with the blessing of merit, the effect of going against the heavens does not have any side effects at all, because Yang Chen has already paid the price of the merit.

The jade slip that Li Cheng gave Yang Chen at this time, which uses merit to refine alchemy and equipment, was simply a good thing tailored for Yang Chen. If Yang Chen is asked to describe his feelings in the simplest words, then only one word would be used, developing.

There are many people who care about Yang Chen, the palace master and the elders, Du Qian, Shangguan Feng, Wang Yuan, Hua Mengyou, She Kui, Xie Sha, Guishan friend Hou Yun, friends of the monster race, those brothers from the previous life, there are dozens of them in detail.

The cultivation aptitude of these people were not as good as Yang Chen’s wives and concubines, who have full spiritual roots. Speaking of which, their cultivation aptitude was at best average. After knowing the ultimate usage method of merit, Yang Chen can completely refine a batch of fifth grade body refining pills, and then improve their cultivation qualifications. Although the effect may not be as strong as when they first cultivated, they are still in the mortal world after all, the years of cultivation are not long enough, and the improved acquired spiritual roots are enough for them to be among the ranks of Great Luo Golden Immortals in the future.

Of course, Yang Chen has to pay a lot of merit. This is to forcibly improve a person’s spiritual root in the mortal world. To put it bluntly, it is to change one’s fate against the heavens. For everyone, Yang Chen has to pay at least one billion merits. This is just the price of being promoted to an excellent spiritual root. If he want them to cultivate their spiritual roots to full value, he was afraid that he will have to pay as many merits as the sands of the Ganges River.

This is just a body refining pill to enhance the spiritual root. If Yang Chen added a large amount of merit to the fifth grade spirit mushroom jade dew pill, Mu Mingyuan’s injury back then would not have any sequelae at all, and he could completely return to his original level. It could even bring Mu Mingyuan more benefits. It’s a pity that he didn’t know this method at that time.

As for the heaven seizing pills that Yang Chen became famous for, questioning inner heart pills, hundred years pills, Seven Emotions and Six Desires Pill, etc., not to mention the effect of improvement. To use a blunt word to describe it, any ordinary pill can become an Immortal pill as long as enough merit is added.

There is such a powerful effect in alchemy, and it is no exception in refining equipment. The principles are basically the same. If you want more heaven-defying effects, you need to pay as much merit.

Yang Chen’s ninth water flying sword couldn’t be refined by Yang Chen at this time because of the raw materials. However, if he used a lot of merit as the price, the black liquid secreted by those ultimate demonized demon vines was not impossible to tame.

The only thing that needs to be considered in the refining process of this ninth water flying sword is not to hurt Yang Chen, the master. As for how much it can hurt the enemy, the more powerful the better, who would worry that their weapon is too powerful?

The method of mobilizing merit is explained in detail in the jade slips. In fact, this part is the real essence. Yang Chen read it most carefully, almost digging out every single word. He didn’t want to read it wrong at all, and he didn’t want to miss the deviation at all.

Soon Yang Chen discovered that at his current cultivation base, it was not so easy to use merit. Although it is a merit earned by oneself, there are still limitations when using it. It’s not about the quantity limit, but the speed of invoking the merit.

The higher the realm, the higher the efficiency of using merit, and so far, the largest merit that Yang Chen can use at one time is only in the unit of grams. Whether it’s alchemy or weapon refining, the one-time use is at most one trillion.

Compared with Yang Chen’s huge merits of using infinity as a unit of measurement, grams can be ignored. But it is not an easy task for any ordinary Immortal to accumulate so much merit in such a short period of time in the Heavenly court. Except for the group of people who can appear in the Firmament Treasure Palace every day, there are very few people who can exceed this number.

Naturally, the use of merit is limited, which brings about the limited refining effect of Yang Chen’s ninth water flying sword. Fortunately, this number was enough for Yang Chen to successfully refine the ninth water flying sword. In the future, as long as it is maintained and tempered frequently, the level of the flying sword will be higher and higher.

As long as the ninth water flying sword can be successfully refined, Yang Chen’s goal has been achieved. Li Cheng said that he found a solution was not exaggerating at all.

The only thing that needs to be considered is that if you want to skillfully use merit, at Yang Chen’s current state, it will take at least a few decades to cultivate with the method recorded on the jade slip. After all, a person is still in the mortal world, just like a child learning to speak, even if he has a lot of wealth, he doesn’t know how to use it.

Yang Chen started to cultivate using the method on the jade slip almost without thinking. This method was named by Li Cheng as the merit chapter, and Yang Chen would consume a lot of merit for cultivating it at the moment, which was the price he had to pay. Fortunately, for Yang Chen, this point of merit is nothing but a waste of resources, it is just a waste of spiritual power in ordinary cultivation.

The meeting with Li Cheng this time was even more developed than those ordinary cultivators who discovered a secret plane. Calculating casually, let alone the chapter on merit, it seems a bit shabby to describe it as priceless. Just giving Gao Yue the Demon Emperor’s Qi, the Monster Emperor’s Qi and the Immortal Emperor’s Qi was enough to make the five major sects tempted. Not to mention the seven concubines, each of them got a peak Dacheng stage iron-winged flying eagle demon pet, and the improvement of mood brought about by Li Cheng’s casual guidance was also counted.

It’s just that Yang Chen doesn’t quite understand why Li Cheng asked Yang Chen to come to this place for a meeting. Although Li Cheng’s Iron Winged Flying Eagle was indeed not suitable to show off in the dao sect, he didn’t need to show off at all, but the dao sect’s territory was not something unacceptable, so he can’t figure out why.


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