Zhanxian-Chapter 629: Cutting The Peach Tree To Breakthrough

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Shi Wushuang finally understood what he had in mind, Yang Chen’s words directly reminded her of the key point.

Shi Wushuang has always been a person with a little bit of cleanliness. This is not annoying, as long as it doesn’t go too far, on the contrary, no matter when you clean up your surroundings, a clean beauty will always make people happy.

But this kind of character also makes Shi Wushuang cherish her own flying sword very much. Except for the life and death fight, she will rarely use it. This life source flying sword was tailor-made by Shi Wushuang’s master who invited several refining masters. Shi Wushuang loved her flying sword and she will not use it in ordinary practice. Where would she use the flying sword for things like cutting fruit?

On the contrary, there were some restrictions on Shi Wushuang’s cultivation, so that she stayed at the peak Yuanying stage, and she was slow to break this bottleneck and transcend her tribulation.

Shi Wushuang was also a well-known fairy in Yang Chen’s previous life. Even if Yang Chen didn’t need to deliberately understand her life, those guys who secretly admired her would chatter and explain to Yang Chen. Yang Chen was very clear about the difficulties in her cultivation, and with a little bit of dialing, she reached the point.

“This concubine understands, thank you Husband!” After Shi Wushuang came to her senses, without saying a word, she directly put the jade plate to one side, took out another peach from the basket, washed the hair and with her life source flying sword, she easily cut the peach again and placed it in front of Yang Chen.

“Go! Let’s watch the ceremony here!” Yang Chen signaled to Shi Wushuang to go outside. In the process of calmly cutting peaches for Yang Chen just now, tribulation clouds had already begun to condense, and the sky outside had also turned dark.

The flying shuttle had already stopped in an uninhabited place. Under the expectant gazes of Yang Chen, Tao Junqi and Murong sisters, Shi Wushuang flew out of the flying shuttle by herself, suspended in the air, and began to welcome the imminent tribulation.

They have long heard that the people around Yang Chen will be instructed by Yang Chen from time to time. Before the girls didn’t believe it, Yang Chen himself was just a person who had just entered the middle Yuanying stage, how can he teach others?

It was only now that they discovered that Yang Chen used nothing more than a simple matter of cutting peaches, which would allow the peak Yuanying stage Shi Wushuang to comprehend her mistake, thus breaking the bottleneck and facing her tribulation. The other girls looked at Yang Chen as if they had known Yang Chen for the first time, so unfamiliar, so mysterious.

Except for Yang Chen, everyone was a master of the Dacheng stage, so there was no need to avoid the tribulation in a long distance. The flying shuttle has the package of the inverted sea jasper lamp, which will not have any impact on Shi Wushuang’s tribulation. Everyone was watching Shi Wushuang resisting one yin fire after another from a close distance, while Yang Chen was still doing something.

“Oh, don’t be surprised, such a good opportunity to collect some aura of heavenly tribulation and use it to refine the Seven Emotions and Six Desires Pill.” Yang Chen didn’t hide it from them, it was also normal to collect at this time.

Taking the aura of the tribulation, although the girls were curious, they didn’t ask much. Soon, Shi Wushuang easily passed the Yin fire Tribulation and became a master of the early Dacheng stage.

“Thank you Husband!” After returning, Shi Wushuang gave thanks again, but in the manner of a concubine saluting the master. Although they now have Gao Yue’s agreement, they haven’t married Yang Chen yet, and they don’t dare to pretend to be his wife for the time being. They can only use the etiquette of a concubine.

“You don’t need to say such polite words.” Yang Chen said casually. The girls heard it, but they all thought it was Yang Chen who felt that the family didn’t need to be so polite, and felt a faint joy in their hearts.

“When this concubine was in the tribulation, it seemed that the tribulation smashed a formation below.” Shi Wushuang said immediately “I don’t know if it is the one we are looking for.”

“Is there such a thing?” Yang Chen was surprised for a while “It seems that I really have a great fate. If you find a place where you can face your tribulation, you can come here by chance, go and see!”

The shuttle disappeared, and the figures of everyone appeared next to the blasted formation that Shi Wushuang said. Among them, the Murong Five Sisters were the ones who have studied formations the most deeply, so they were the ones to judge.

“It’s a formation, the effect of this formation is to cover up what’s here.” One of the five sisters said, after carefully exploring the ruins of the maze, and after discussing with the sisters, they said ” It should be in this direction.”

Without further ado, he summoned the flying shuttle and rushed in that direction with the girls. In less than two days, just above the waterway of a big river, they saw two cliffs on the left and right like a gate.

They have come to this area before, and they have not seen these before. Obviously, the formation was cleverly hiding this part of the scene.

The high cliffs, one left and one right, looked like two huge portals from the direction of Yang Chen and the others. The river circled around there, but returned to the river again. However, behind the two cliffs, a cloud of mist rose, and no one could see what was inside.

“Two doors?” Yang Chen whispered to himself. The girls behind him have been shocked by the folklore that has been confirmed again and again.

“Go!” Yang Chen let out a low voice, and the flying shuttle quickly rushed over the cliff and entered the mist.

Although the fog was thick, it had no effect on Yang Chen and the others. Soon, everyone saw the hill that should appear behind the two gates.

On the hill, there was a dense peach forest with thousands of them. Strangely, all the peach trees looked exactly the same. On each tree, there was only a huge peach, the size of a washbasin, which was really gratifying to look at.

“Good luck.” Looking at this scene, Yang Chen suddenly showed a smile on his face, looked left and right and suddenly asked, “Tell me, which one is the peach that can best make up for the life essence?”

The girls had always been in a dream. They couldn’t believe that Yang Chen had found such a legendary Immortal peach forest just by relying on the mutual confirmation of several folklore. If they hadn’t followed Yang Chen all the way to find it, they wouldn’t have believed it at all. Was there anything more ridiculous and unbelievable than this?

But no matter what, Yang Chen did indeed lead everyone to a place, and saw this unique peach tree with only one peach with their own eyes. But thinking about it carefully, how could such a treasure be found so easily by them? Of those treasured treasures that they have heard of before, which one has been found by how many people who have been fighting for a long time to find it?

“The Immortal peach has a soul, one can only choose one.” Yang Chen’s reminder voice came over again.

“How did you know?” Tao Junqi asked curiously, this is something that has never happened in the legend.

“It’s engraved on the stone tablet over there.” Yang Chen pointed to a direction next to him, and everyone saw a simple stone tablet.


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