Zhanxian-Chapter 502.2: The Secret Of The Demonic Qi

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It was strange, but Yang Chen had to take advantage of this time to figure out the secret of the demonic qi.

Everything in the sea of ​​consciousness was under the control of Yang Chen, he had not defended against the attacks of the demon vine phantom, he was letting the demon vine phantom attack aggressively in the sea of ​​consciousness.

Every time the vines of the demon vine hit anywhere in the sea of ​​consciousness, Yang Chen would feel an incomparably fierce aura rushing into his lungs, as if his consciousness had to revolve with that aura.

Some negative emotions in his consciousness seemed to be crazily magnified under the attack of this demonic qi. All kinds of violent and cruel thoughts followed one after another, and even Yang Chen’s little depressed mood a while ago because the four girls had left him to cultivate alone seemed to be awakened, making Yang Chen extremely irritable again.

In his previous life, because of the hatred of his master’s death, the sect was destroyed and he suffered thousands of years of anger. Various negative emotions directly overwhelmed all the happiness and beauty. His mind was completely filled with these dark and irritable things. The sudden changes made Yang Chen almost unable to hold back, he stood up and picked up the Immortal beheading blade in the bloody river and slashed frantically.

At this moment, the three purities secret art finally underwent a formidable change. A strand of fine thread of spiritual awareness suddenly and spontaneously wrapped the demon vine phantom in it, layer after layer, tightly wrapped, the phantom was no longer able to reach any place in Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness.

At the same time, a cool air current blew through Yang Chen’s mind, making his frantic heart quickly calm down. All the impulses seemed to stop abruptly, stopping at this moment.

Brush, Yang Chen’s body was in a cold sweat. The scene just now, how dangerous it was, if he didn’t control it, maybe he would end up becoming a demonic fiend.

That’s right, that kind of feeling was a heart demon. Yang Chen has been cultivating smoothly in this life, he has not encountered a heart demon yet, but in his previous life, he was ill-fated and when he was cultivating, he would inevitably encounter a heart demon. Every time Yang Chen relied on his strong will to avenge his master, and forcefully suppressed the heart demons.

In this world, although there was still the willingness to avenge his master, but his master was still alive and well. She became his wife, and the tragic scene in his memory never happened again. Not only was his master not in trouble, even the sect was thriving, he would never relive that kind of pain.

For this reason, Yang Chen’s idea of ​​revenge for the sect for and his master was very unreal. Under the attack of the demonic qi, his inner demon was naturally produced.

Not only that, as Yang Chen felt before, the demonic qi triggered all the negative emotions that originally lurked in Yang Chen’s consciousness and accumulated them, it almost made Yang Chen go crazy.

When he thought that he almost destroyed the immortal beheading blade that had been tempered for many years, Yang Chen couldn’t help but fear. Fortunately, he cultivated the three purities secret art. It was extremely powerful in terms of spiritual awareness, otherwise he still didn’t know what kind of disaster would happen.

The culprit was the demonic qi, but the indispensable accomplice was this demonized demon vine, and Yang Chen became angry for a while. He directly cast his anger on the demonized monster vine.

Two fire dragons rose up into the sky, directly igniting the vine cocoon that wrapped Yang Chen. Countless rattans were flying around like a frightened group of snakes, carrying flames all over the sky.

There were so many vines on fire that the monster vine had to cut off all vines in this area, otherwise the flames would go straight to its body along the vines.

This time, the demonised monster vine gave up these branches so thoroughly, even before they broke, all the essence in all the branches were recovered, and the only things that were burned were the shriveled branches.

The vines no longer had the function of shielding the spiritual awareness. Under the scanning of Yang Chen’s powerful spiritual awareness, Yang Chen quickly found a place where a large number of vines gathered, which was where the body of the demonized monster vine was located.

It was a valley about forty or fifty miles from his location, almost thirty miles in radius, and the valley was completely filled with vines of different thicknesses. The valley, as deep as tens of meters, was even filled with vines.

In all directions above the valley, there were countless thick rattans spreading far away, extending in all directions along the ground covered by dense jungle plants. What Yang Chen just was in was just one direction.

Such a huge monster vine, he didn’t know when it has been contaminated by the demonic qi, but for how many years it has survived, it has swallowed countless demonic fiends that have been contaminated by the demonic qi, causing the demonic qi in the body to be so pure. To the unbelievable point, he thinks it’s not much worse than the demonic qi in the center of those demon orbs.

It was a miracle that such a huge monster vine did not reveal the slightest demonic qi. Anyone who walks through this area would not find any abnormality in this area under the situation where the spiritual awareness was blocked. Silently, they would become nourishm ent to nourish the demonized monster vine.

Yang Chen was almost wiped out, and of course Yang Chen would not let it go. The Yin-Yang Heaven burning fire directly turned into two flying dragons, burning along the vines all the way.

Although the demonized monster vine had powerful vines, terrifying strangulation power, and mysterious sap that could regenerate branches at any time, even the common fourth-grade and fifth-grade fire seeds can’t do anything about it, but unfortunately, it met Yang Chen.

In the process of travelling on the vast sea, he has absorbed dozens of fourth grade fire seeds into the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire, and for the first time it revealed its terrifying power when facing the enemy. The powerful flame that had already surpassed the power of a fifth grade fire seed directly stifled all hope of the demonized monster vine.

Wherever the flame went, the burning vines were constantly being cut off by the monster vine after taking the essence back, but the flame still burned all the way to the body along the vines.

Within a radius of tens of miles, it was completely plunged into the terrifying sea of ​​fire. Soon the flames surrounded the entire valley, and the two fire dragons sank down and plunged directly into the valley.

Boom, the valley immediately began to explode, countless vines flew into the air with burning flames, and the huge main root of the demonized monster vine soon appeared in front of Yang Chen.

Surrounded by the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire was the demonized demon vine of the plant itself, and there was no escape. The main root cuts off all the vines, and after gathering all the essence of the monster vine, it could only shrink into a ball about ten feet in size surrounded by two fire dragons.

No matter what the demonized monster vine did, it couldn’t escape the fate of being killed by Yang Chen’s Yin-Yang heaven burning fire. The poor guy, in this large area, was simply invincible, but unfortunately he met Yang Chen who had the Yin-Yang heaven burning fire.

The huge ball kept shrinking, and soon a dark ball appeared in front of Yang Chen. Looking at this huge orb, even Yang Chen couldn’t help being stunned.


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