Zhanxian-chapter 340.2: Precious Materials

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This was an absolutely unexpected surprise, even Yang Chen did not think that this mountain river geographical map would be so suitable for Gongsun Ling’s cultivation. He has been worried before, Gongsun Ling  was not a sword cultivator so giving her a life source flying sword would not be appropriate, now there would be no such problem.

In his surprise, Yang Chen collected the geographical map and his eyes began to look at the next jade case. What was that roll of rope-like thing? Could it be a magic weapon like a bundle of a fairy rope?

Looking forward to it, Yang Chen directly ordered Xiao Tian to begin to devour the dragon qi around the jade case. This jade case was placed in the same row as the mountain river geographical map so the outer array should be of the same power and Xiao Tian could fully cope with it.

While waiting, Yang Chen was still constant with his cultivation, fusing the fire seeds, this time he replaced with a third grade fire seed, Yang Chen deliberately controlled it when absorbing, carefully maintaining the balance of the yin-yang heaven burning fire, which promotes the yin-yang heaven burning fire.

Of course, the wait was not completely boring, at least Yang Chen found that with the growing number of tenth water true essence in the gourd, it seems that the speed of the tenth water true essence was getting faster and faster.

The small tenth water true essence that was in the gourd was really not the size of a rice bowl anymore, but has become the size of a washbasin. It was originally only one finger thick and now it has become as thick as a fist.

So much tenth water true essence and it was still condensing into tenth water true essence spiritual solution, it was really enough to support Yang Chen for a long time. You must know that Yang Chen has nothing in his hands that could absorb the tenth water true essence liquid without restriction like the Penglai divine wood did for the first wood true essence spiritual solution, it was absolutely a difficult process to absorb it by himself.

Even if there was a fusion of the third grade fire seed, Yang Chen did not care and started to absorb the tenth water true essence. With the control of the gourd, the speed of Yang Chen’s absorption could be adjusted at will. Yang Chen could control the spiritual powers in the yin-yang five elements secrets arts at the same time, naturally he would not care about such a small distraction.

The spirit power of the tenth water was used for the cultivation of the tenth water true essence secret arts. All the spirit power of the tenth water has been converted into the tenth water true essence. The absorption of this tenth water true essence liquid was very smooth. It was only limited by the fact that the spirit power of the tenth water has not yet been able to condense its Dan, so it cannot be absorbed quickly. It could only restrict those tenth water spiritual solution into a trace. It was drilled from Yang Chen’s palm and slowly absorbed by Yang Chen.

The process of condensing Dan was originally a process in which the spirit power grows to the limit and then a qualitative change occurs. However if there was no external force and relying on Yang Chen’s own methods to find the added spirit power, if he wanted to reach the point of condensing Dan, with Yang Chen’s own estimation, if he was fully operational, it would take at least five years’ time.

Now with the same source of the tenth water true essence, it was naturally less trouble. As long as Yang Chen absorbs the fusion of these homologous spirit powers, he could improve his own cultivation.

This was what the essence spirit power of the tenth water true essence and first wood true essence could do. Any other spiritual power couldn’t do this. Even if Yang Chen uses a large amount of heavenly treasures, it still needed a process of transformation and absorption. The efficiency cannot be compared with the direct absorption of the tenth water true essence.

However for this method, Yang Chen could only use it in his breakthrough, the usual cultivation was the real foundation, not to add some spiritual power to replace it.

The speed of the inverted sea jasper cup condensing the tenth water true essence was faster than Yang Chen’s absorbing speed so Yang Chen did not have to worry about anything, he could cultivate freely in the treasure house.

Time passed quickly and the time of half a year passed by. The third grade fire seed was easily absorbed by Yang Chen’s yin-yang heaven burning fire and Yang Chen even changed to another fire seed to continue the process.

The devouring speed of Xiao Tian was still as always, neither fast nor slow and the dragon qi around the jade case was becoming less and less. According to the experience of the previous jade case, Yang Chen estimated that it would take several months to complete. …,

The continuous cultivation lasted for another three months. When Yang Chen completed a cultivation cycle and entered the hall again, he immediately noticed that the dragon qi around the second jade case had been completely absorbed by Xiao Tian.

The seemingly inconspicuous rope on the jade case was placed on it at random. Yang Chen took a step and took it in his hands.

Yang Chen started to notice the difference. The rope was clearly a kind of magic weapon that had been strengthened to the extreme.

Fortunately, this magic weapon was now completely undefended against Yang Chen, so Yang Chen could easily enter it with his spiritual awareness and spirit powers. Later, Yang Chen immediately understood the purpose of the rope.

This was a long cable made of five kinds of dragon tendons. The five kinds of dragon tendons belong to the five elements. After the combination, it was refined and it became a long cable and it’s length could be controlled at will.

The two ends of the long cable were five sets of sheaths at one end, which could be large or small and belonged to the five elements. The other end was a hook-like thing, it consisted of five small hooks, which were also divided into five rows, it was made from the bones of a special part of the five dragons.

This sheaths, obviously, could make five row high gloves on the wrist and control the hook of the other head and could grab everything from the air. Plus, with the strength of the long cable in the middle, it was a natural tool to extend his arm. In some places that he couldn’t explore, if there was such a tool that was powerful enough to do it he would do so.

The five elements rope obviously needed the five elements masters to control them, but for Yang Chen, he could control it alone. What made Yang Chen happy was that this was not only a tool for grabbing, but also a good thing to take away at any time on certain occasions.

And this hook directly reminded Yang Chen of a scene of a sensational magical weapon that was born a few hundred years later that caused a stir in the cultivation world. It looks like such a thing, you needed a long cable tool like this, from a place that ordinary people couldn’t reach to take it.

Could it be that the Heavens wanted Yang Chen to get this hook in order to let him join the battle of the latter generation? And also deliberately set aside such a long time, was it just to let himself complete this hook? Thinking of that opportunity, even Yang Chen could not help but be moved.

Forced to suppress this thought, Yang Chen and Xiao Tian once again communicated, indicating that Xiao Tian continue to swallow the dragon qi of the next jade case. Now Xiao Tian was still capable, maybe this time he could get three magic weapons.

Surprisingly, Yang Chen suddenly noticed that his own medicine garden had some changes. Although the medicine garden has been placed on the outside nautical chart, the tool spirit has always been connected with Yang Chen.

When he perceived the changes in the medicine garden, Yang Chen hurriedly withdrew from the hall and came to the chart and went into the medicine garden.


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Translator: Don Stagy

Editor:  Mike

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