Zhanxian-chapter 339.1 Pressure

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In the previous battle, the scope of the sea sealing flag array arranged by the other party was too large so that Yang Chen’s sword array that was released from the dome could not shroud it.

Yang Chen could only find a way to lure them into a small area. However, the strength of the six Yuanying stage ancestors plus the array, even the sword array of the dome hall was not necessarily able to insure their defeat. Finally, Yang Chen chose to use the Thunder pomegranate to blow them up.

Although the sword array was powerful, in Yang Chen’s memory, which was the cost of cultivating a few Yuanying stage masters, was violently cracked by the sect of his previous life.

Although Yang Chen couldn’t remember a few Yuanying stage ancestors for the time being, the six Yuanying stage masters on the scene, and as wealthy Greatest Heaven Sect disciples, it was possible that all of them have life source magic weapons, compared to the sects of his previous life, they were a lot stronger. With the sword array of the dome, it was likely that it would not match up.

This time, Yang Chen, who was smashed by the thunder when he broke the big dipper heavenly thunder formation, acquired all the thunder pomegranates filled with the power of thunder.

However, although the cost was huge, the harvest was extremely rich. Not to mention the two magical weapons which was the sailing boat and water dividing wings, the life of the six Yuanying stage ancestors was much more precious than a few hundred thunder pomegranates, at least in Yang Chen’s eyes.

Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect was too strong and filthy rich and did not put human life into their eyes, the life of the six Yuanying stage ancestors, it was not something that they could give up. Presumably, when the six Yuanying stage ancestors died, the Greatest Heaven Sect would definitely feel the pain in their heart.

The five-water attribute Yuanying stage ancestors directly turned into glutinous rice powder and the same was true of their Qiankun bag. Yang Chen could only search the body of this strong man.

The people of the Greatest Heaven Sect were worthy of being rich, except for the sailboat, even if there was only one Yuanying stage ancestor’s Qiankun bag, Yang Chen has actually gotten a lot of good things.

The most obvious thing inside the Qiankun bag was a jade plate with different colors on both sides. The top was clear green, but the bottom was white and flawless. Yang Chen first picked up this jade plate.

As soon as the jade plate arrived in his hand, his spiritual power and spiritual awareness penetrated into it and Yang Chen knew the origin of the jade plate. This was actually a medicinal garden, similar to Yang Chen’s own medicinal garden, but its medicinal herbs were still a lot worse than the medicinal herbs in Yang Chen’s garden. The best herb was just a few millenniums old.

This was the second medicinal garden that Yang Chen got after he killed someone. It must have been from the time he started cultivating that he cultivated this garden. Now, all were cheaper for Yang Chen to gain.

For things like the medicine garden, the more Yang Chen got the better it would be, it would never be too much. Now his own medicine garden has opened the second layer and could also swallow other medical garden spaces. The more there is, that is, enriches the output of his own medicine gardens and expands the scale of his own medicine garden.

He directly threw this jade plate medicine garden into the net bottle medicine garden. Naturally, the two tool spirits A’Zhu and A’Bi would slowly help the garden to swallow it. Without the owner in the medicine garden, there would be no external spiritual power support, and the result of being swallowed cannot be done in a short period of time.

Yang Chen was now not lacking in medicinal materials, and he was not rushing to swallow the jade plate medicine garden, so he allowed A’Zhu and A’Bi to control it themselves. He did not need to waste too much of his spiritual power at all.

Moreover, he was already at sea. Since he came to the sea, Yang Chen was more likely to go to the Dragon Palace. There were countless spiritual pulses on the huge nautical chart and there was no shortage of spiritual power needed to be swallowed by the medicine garden.

The strong man was beheaded by Yang Chen when in a coma and he was likely to leave behind a life source magic weapon. Of course, Yang Chen used his methods, otherwise the life source magic weapon of the perished person was really not easy to get. But with Xiao Tian, everything became simple, as long as he first forced the life source flying sword out of the other side’s sea of consciousness. The person who could still keep their flying sword under the influence of Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness has not yet been seen.

The quality of the flying sword was good, it was really worthy of the Greatest Heaven Sect. The sect was willing to give better asset to the Yuanying stage ancestors and it would not be necessary cheaper than what a certain loyal disciple in the Pure Yang Palace would get.

There were dozens of jade slips in the Qiankun bag, which records some of the cultivation experience and cultivation methods of the strong man. When Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness scanned it, he received one side first as he would have the chance to see it later.

A pile of spirit stones, these were directly thrown into the pile of his own spirit stone. There were also a lot of materials for various alchemy refining instruments. These were not part of the refining flying swords in Yang Chen’s eyes. They were part of the spirit stones, and all of them were accepted.

In addition, there were a few bottles of spirit pills, he opened to see, they were some for healing and for spiritual power supplement, they were very common.

There were dozens of magic weapons for attack and defense. Everything Yang Chen turned over he understood their role. He felt that he couldn’t use it for the time being. He had all received in his own bag.

These magic weapons seem to be somewhat miscellaneous. Except for the two high-quality protection treasures, the other ones were not refined himself. The only explanation was that these things were all obtained from others.

The identity of the strong man Yang Chen was not very clear about, this guy does not seem to be good at refining, not good at alchemy, his life source flying sword was very sharp, all the medicines on his body were for healing and supplementing spiritual power, the only explanation was that this guy was simply a thug of the Greatest Heaven Sect, specializing in combat.

The big sect has the benefits of a big sect, their division of labor was detailed, and even the strengths of each person could be fully utilized. At this point, the Pure Yang Palace couldn’t do it for the time being. There were only a few ancestors of in the Yuanying stage and it was impossible to distinguish which one was dedicated to fighting and which one was specialized in logistics, they must be on the same team.

Putting out these spoils, Yang Chen directly put the water-dividing wings on the shuttle. For a long time, the speed of the shuttle speed increased rapidly and flew toward the depths of the ocean.

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness threads were wrapped up in the imprint, but they were still unable to avoid the tracking of the other’s compass, indicating that this guy who left the spiritual awareness imprint identity was somewhat strange. It was very easy for Yang Chen to ruin him. As long as he throws the spiritual awareness imprint into the blood river from time to time, the other party would absolutely be dead, but Yang Chen does not intend to do so.

First, Yang Chen was also curious about the identity of this guy. Secondly, when he keeps this spiritual awareness imprint. He could also let the other party’s attention concentrate on himself from time to time. It was also to relieve some pressure on his sect and the people around him from attention, in order for them to develop silently.

More importantly, Yang Chen still maintained a strong interest in this way of making money. As long as the other party could trace him, they would naturally try to chase after him. The six Yuanying stage masters had already died. It was definitely not the end of the two sides. Even if it was not done openly, it would be done in the dark.

For the current Yang Chen, it was another kind of pressure and motivation to urge him to improve his cultivation base.



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Translator: Don Stagy

Editor:  Mike

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