Zhanxian – Chapter 271: Double Cultivation With Gong Sunling

Yang Chen’s whole person had been stunned, and his whole body didn’t dare to move, but Gong Sunling’s action made Yang Chen feel the softness of Gong Sunling’s body easily. Especially when Gong Sunling’s legs were on his waist and her hands were on his neck, Yang Chen’s heart was soaring.

“What are you doing, fool!” Seeing that Yang Chen stayed in the same place, Gong Sunling couldn’t help but scold him lightly, and then she closed her eyes with shame. However, Yang Chen’s more and more rapid sensation of the spiritual awareness made her wake up immediately, and quickly turned her forehead to Yang Chen’s forehead, and then began to work on her own.

At this time, if Yang Chen still didn’t understand what happened, Yang Chen would be a fool. His Master Gao Yue must have found that her and Yang Chen’s dual cultivation have been unable to solve Yang Chen’s troubles, so she put this idea in the head of his Senior sister, Gong Sunling.

Originally, Yang Chen was somewhat resistant, but when he saw that Gong Sunling had made such a embarrassing thing for himself, Yang Chen’s heart softened and no longer resisted, closed his eyes and began to act.

Although it was the first time for the two to cooperate with the double cultivation, but there was a silent tacit understanding, it was easy for the two to enter the realm where they forgot everything.

Gong Sunling only felt that her whole person had flew up and flew in the air, and the light fluttering could not fall. The feeling of letting herself sink into it gave her supreme pleasure. She had never tried this feeling, and Gong Sunling was a bit eager to stop but couldn’t.

Compared with Yang Chen, Gong Sunling’s spiritual awareness cultivation base was very normal, almost close to the level of early Jiedan stage. At the same time, the spiritual awareness between the two people run the Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra, and this time aslo Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness seemed to have found the an exit to vent, and madly rushed to the sea of consciousness of Gongsun Ling.

Gong Sunling’s sea of consciousness was originally white, and this moment, suddenly, there had been a change, the Pure Qi rose, the Foul Qi declined, and it directly became two distinct parts. The most amazing thing was that there was a solid land underneath, and even a strange aura was felt in the land, just like the most original earth attribute aura.

At this time, neither of them cared about these, just immersed in the kind of tacit understanding and pleasure that came from the Spiritual Awareness double cultivation of the two people, and no longer separated.

Gao Yue had a silent and uninterrupted appearance not far from the two, and seemed to be protecting the two. Just, looking at Yang Chen and Gong Sunling’s current position, Gong Sunling was held in the arms of Yang Chen and she was holding Yang Chen’s neck and carrying Yang Chen’s waist. She didn’t know how, Gao Yue felt such an indescribable sorrow and grief.

This was because Yang Chen’s body shape had changed. Gao Yue had told herself this way, but her eyes couldn’t help but stare at the two people, seemingly afraid of what they would be doing further.

After watching it for a long time, Gao Yue realized that it was not right. She shook her head slightly and found a place to sit down. She guarded the two from far away.

Soon Gao Yue thought of a problem. Now Gong Sunling and Yang Chenxiu used such a shameful posture. After that,if Yang Chen’s body shape was unchanged. When her and Yang Chen were double cultivating, would he still want to use this posture?

How could this be? They were master and apprentice? Gao Yue’s heart suddenly became stunned, and this problem in front of her made her start to entangle, even when she saw Yang Chen and Gong Sunling’s cultivation this time, she  threw the grievance from her mind and it became filled with this problem.

For the first time when cultivating the double cultivation Highest Mystery Yin-Yang Heart Sutra, it took a very long time. Gao Yue and Yang Chen lasted for at least a few months. Of course, there was a big part of the time when Yang Chen was healing for Gao Yue.

Gong Sunling and Yang Chen certainly did not have the trouble of healing, but even so, the two people took the first double cultivation, which took a full two months. It was not a simple matter to balance the gap between the spiritual awareness of a late Yuanying stage and the spiritual awareness at the foundation stage. It was a long process.

The two maintained this position for a full two months, they were motionless. The kind of sensation of Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was finally slower and slower, and eventually ceased, and the spiritual awareness of Gong Sunling began to rise wildly.

The peak foundation stage, the early Jiedan the, the middle Jiedan stage, the late Jiedan stage, the peak Jiedan stage, the early Yuanying stage, the spiritual awareness cultivation base of Gong Sunling was simply like an ir­re­sistible force made a crazy improvement all the way, after successive breakthroughs in several realms,It stopped at the early Yuanying stage.

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was also reduced again from the late Yuanying stage to the middle Yuanying stage, the early Yuanying stage, after reaching the initial Yuanying stage, it would not change again.

This time, the two people’s spiritual awareness cultivation base was basically adjusted to the same realm. But in essence it was slightly different.

Gong Sunling was only trained to forcibly upgrade to the early Yuanying stage, but Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness was once again confined and compressed, and the spiritual awareness was now like a sturdy iron rope, which became more and more tough.

Finally, both of them stopped doing their double cultivation, and their foreheads that was put together was also separated. However, the wonderful feelings from the double cultivation process had made both of them feel a little bit unfinished, and they were still in the aftertaste.

In particular, Gong Sunling experienced such a wonderful pleasure, and her body was still in the arms of Yang Chen, posing such a shameful posture. The bonus was that she would soon reach Solidifying Core, and she was still ashamed of herself. She buried her face in the neck of Yang Chen, no longer dare to look up.

There was a coughing sound from the side, and the two people who were relishing became awakened. Gong Sunling couldn’t help but look red, and hurriedly jumped up from Yang Chen, flashed aside, looked up and saw the face of Gao Yue with a smile. She did not dare to look at Gao Yue again, and she hurriedly bowed her head.

Yang Chen was a little ticked skinned, always sitting there, his face had not changed. In addition to the aftertaste of the double cultivation, Yang Chen was still checking his own changes in his spiritual awareness.

This time, the double cultivation seemed to be more effective. The spiritual awareness had been confined. Yang Chen even had a conception that even if the golden bell in his body was rung again, he would not stun himself. His own spiritual awareness, had become fully capable of fighting against the bell and no longer had to worry that he would become dizzy from using his own pro­tec­tion Magic Weapon.

“How is the effect?” Gao Yue, who was next to Yang Chen, did not speak for a long time. She couldn’t help but anxiously asked in a loud voice. Even Gong Sunling was worried about it and raised her head. If it was useless, isn’t it a waste of their double cultivation, and it’s still made Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness to fall crazily?

“I’m fine!” Yang Chen looked up and replied to the two women who cared about him, but he began to think about how to face the two women in the future.

Gong Sunling’s move was obviously arranged by Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling herself did not resist. It was obvious that the two women were already in an offensive and defensive alliances. This was beyond doubt.

Yang Chen had some headaches. In this way, he would have to owe a lot to Gong Sunling. Yang Chen, who had not had any experience in this kind of thing, once again fell into the troubles of happiness.

The insufficient present was obviously not the time to get entangle with this, otherwise it would hurt the hearts of two women at the same time. Yang Chen understood this, so the answer was very fast, and then he said: “Thank you Master, thank you sister!”

These two thanks, was obviously to the two women for secretly discussing behind his back and help him solve the problem. The two girls listened to Yang Chen, they were all ecstatic, and they did not hide their happiness.

“How does sister feel now?” Yang Chen could know the changes in his spiritual awareness, and could clearly understand the changes in the spiritual awareness of Gong Sunling, but couldn’t know the feeling of Gong Sunling, so he asked.

“I am very good!” Gong Sunling immediately explored her own sea of consciousness, and immediately became scared. The spiritual awareness have soared so much, and at the same time, she was also shocked by Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness. After she had double cultivation to balance herself, she could improve herself so much. How strong was it before?

No wonder that Yang Chen had done many things that seemed impossible to accomplish before. With such powerful spiritual awareness, he could do a lot of unbelievable things.

Of course, for Gong Sunling, the cultivation base of her spiritual awareness suddenly rose to the early Yuanying stage, and she was more sure about attacking the Solidifying Core and no longer had to worry about any risks.

Yang Chen solved his trouble, the two women felt a very heart-wrenching happiness, that kind of happiness, it seemed that they could be more happy than they were, so that Yang Chen was grateful, and secretly swear in his heart never to let the two women receive any pains.

“Sister, there is a cultivation method,which may be suitable for your current cultivation.” When he suddenly remembered something, Yang Chen said to Gong Sunling: “After cultivating it, maybe it will be easier to reach Solidifying Core.”

At the same time, the two women were stunned. The things on Yang Chen’s body were endless, but everyone thought that he had read many miscellaneous books. They didn’t expect him to have any cultivation method. Gong Sunling took a piece of jade from Yang Chen with some surprise, and her spiritual awareness began to explore it.

“Fifth Earth True Secret Art?” The sound of surprise broke out from the mouth of Gong Sunling. As an Earth attribute cultivator, how could she not know what it was. Although Yang Chen gave her this, but there was a feeling of it being really untrue.

Gao Yue next to them was immediately stunned. It was only recently that she got the Tenth Water True Secret Art and Tenth Water True Essence from Yang Chen, because her own spiritual awareness broke through the early Yuanying stage. It was not surprising that Gong Sunling was now the same.

“There is no Fifth Earth True Essence, how can you let her cultivate it?” The last time Yang Chen gave it to Gao Yue, even the Tenth Water True Essence was given together. Now Yang Chen only gave the Fifth Earth True Secret Art, but there was no Fifth Earth True Essence. Wouldn’t it be difficult for Gong Ling?

“This disciple has already cultivated the Fifth Earth True Secret Art.” Yang Chen raised his hand with a smile, and the two women found a purely incomparable earth attribute aura from Yang Chen’s finger. Yang Chen explained: “It is not easy to get the Earth True Essence, and Senior sister can absorb it directly from me.”

This was also a way to absorb directly from Yang Chen’s body, and it could also save the trouble of refining it. The cultivation would be much more convenient. Moreover, Gong Sunling firmly believed that as long as she has cultivated the Fifth Earth True Secret Art, she could immediately condense Dan.

However, Gong Sunling considered more than Gao Yue. When she heard Yang Chen’s words, her face changed and she suddenly asked: “Is that what you were doing in the desolate valley?”

At that time,the Greatest Heaven Sect harbored Chu Heng. For the sake of the Fifth Earth True Essence, there were many arrangements in the desolate valley, but they were defeated in the past. Not only did they fight for a few hundred years, but even Chu Heng was killed. The Fifth Earth True Essence was divided by several major factions, but there was no such thing as the  Greatest Heaven Sect anymore.

Now Yang Chen had swaggering said that he had cultivated the Fifth Earth True Secret Art, and when the Greatest Heaven Sect was in trouble in the desolate valley, Yang Chen was present. The first reaction of Gong Sunling was that it was related to Yang Chen. It seemed that Yang Chen also brought back She Kui and Xie Sha from the desolate valley. It was simply suspicious.

“Master, Senior sister has a few things in mind, no need to publicizes.” Yang Chen did not deny it and just reminded.

Gong Sunling had no idea how to describe himself as an apprentice. When the desolate valley was in trouble, Yang Chen was an early foundation stage disciple, and dared to do such a long-term thing in a lot of Yuanying stage masters. She didn’t know if he was a bold person, or if he had a good luck.

In her shock, it was inevitable that Gong Sunling would force Yang Chen to make clear the situation at the time. She began to clearly remember that Yang Chen had not cared about the Chu Heng. Later, Chu Heng was insulting Gao Yue, and Yang Chen was angry and chased him. She must know the details of this.

Gao Yue had heard it before, but when she listened to Yang Chen again, she still couldn’t help but feel warm. This Yang Chen for her to chased Chu Heng, for her, listening to it for how many times and she would not be bored.

Gong Sunling was the first to understand the inside story. The whole process of it shocked Gong Sunling . After listening to it, she made a burst of exclamation. This Ju­nior Brother Yang, the surprise he gave her was too much.

However, Gong Sunling would like to know more about Yang Chen. This kind of mentality had not been understood by Gong Sunling herself. She wanted to ask again, but she was blocked by Gao Yue.

Now Yang Chen and Gong Sunling were on the verge of the Solidifying Core, Yang Chen was okay, but Gong Sunling couldn’t feel too excited, otherwise it would affect her cultivation.

Gao Yue was the master of Yang Chen. Of course, Yang Chen and Gong Sun Ling would not have any opinions. Of course, throwing away the identity of this Master, Gong Sunling had another respect for Gao Yue, but this could not be shown in front of Yang Chen.

“How is your body size getting bigger?” Yang Chen has been sitting, and there was another reason, that was, his underwear has been smashed, and he does not dare to get up. On the side of Gao Yue, she quickly asked Yang Chen and throw a piece of animal skin clothes that had already been prepared at the time when she was guarding them.

“The problem of the cultivation method.” Seeing that both women turned around, Yang Chen quickly replaced the broken clothes and replied: “When i have small accomplishments in my cultivation method, I can return to normal.”

“Didn’t your built surprise Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan when they saw you?” Gao Yue asked very curiously.

Yang Chen thought of this. It seemed that after changing his body shape, he went to see Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan. The two women were not particularly surprised. He didn’t know if they don’t care about how Yang Chen’s body shape would become, or whether there were similar Body Refining Technique in the big sects, so they were not surprised at all.

Translator: DonStagy

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    Simple, make them both his wives and cultivation partners… also we all know where this is going… he is still refining those flames and he has a lot of third and fourth grade fire… the question is… who will MC go to after? there are 2 candidates…i vote for the little girl he saved at the start of the novel, forgot her name, the one who went with him to the secret location, after that it would be the other girl…. currently he has 4 girls in his potential harem, each one with a different element


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