Zhanxian – Chapter 240: Who Is Crueler And Merciless

In the air, Yang Chen was really unable to escape. However, it seemed that Yang Chen himself did not think about avoiding it. Under the sea, the two guys’ flying swords struck on the golden bell. Yang Chen was still vivid, he didn’t believe that with these people’s cultivation bases, they could break through the defence of the Golden bell.

And it was as Yang Chen expected, the two flying swords tried to make cuts on his two legs, one after the other, but they could only make a clear and squeaky noise, he remained unharmed.

“Be careful, this kid has a body protection magic weapon!”

This situation was immediately seen and someone shouted when he saw it.

“Snort, body protection magic weapon?”

A cold and violent voice said, the Yuanying ancestor was very disdainful to Yang Chen and shouted: “Break for me!”

A red light like a sword was sent from the hands of the Yuanying ancestor and went straight to Yang Chen’s chest. The Several Jiedan realm masters around him were shocked. One of them hurriedly shouted: “Ancestor he must live!”

As if he suddenly remembered the fact that they wanted Yang Chen alive. The red light from the Yuanying ancestor suddenly stagnated, and then it seemed that the light became weaker, but the speed was not reduced, still hitting Yang Chen’s chest.

Yang Chen’s body had been restored to balance by two flying swords, but he was immediately faced with another blow. This attack was not an attack by a Jiedan realm Master, but a magic weapon attack by a Yuanying realm ancestor.

Seeing that the red light had hit Yang Chen’s body, but his face was strangely revealing an unpredictable smile.

The Yuanying realm ancestor felt strange, the attack made a deep bell sound from Yang Chen’s body.

Buzzzz, the dull bell sound came from the place where Yang Chen’s chest was hit by the attack of the Yuanying realm ancestor. An invisible shock wave that could not be seen was spread out and spread around.

Wherever it went, whether it was a person or an object, all of them began to tremble with the dull bell’s sound.

Except for Yang Chen, there was no other voice in the ears of all the people. It was completely filled with that sound, and the buzzing sound was endless.

This sound seemed to have penetrated everyone’s body and got into their Sea of Consciousness. As the bell began to tremble, their body swayed involuntarily, and they couldn’t grip anything in their hands.

The flying swords in the air seemed to be hit by a huge force. A series of them fell, and the owners of the flying swords could not establish any connection with them. Everyone stayed in place, and constantly trembled, and could not do anything else.

“The Tenth Water Divine Thunder explosion was very crisp!”

Yang Chen’s body shape appeared directly next to the Yuanying ancestor, accompanied by Yang Chen’s calm but unconcealed angry voice: “the Taste of this bell is not bad, right?”

In fact, Yang Chen himself was also affected by the bell, but the impact was simply negligible relative to other people. Even so, he could only use one martial art before his spiritual power could no longer be condensed, and weapons such as flying swords could no longer be used. This bell almost dissipated his Spiritual Awareness completely.

However, for Yang Chen, even if his spiritual power could not be used at all, it would not matter. If Yang Chen could not use spiritual power, his enemies were also unable to use theirs.

However, for a Yuanying realm master who couldn’t use spiritual power, tragedy would inevitably occur when he was faced with Yang Chen, who had cultivated the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, having strength exceeding 200,000 jin.

Yang Chen had no concept of holding back. These people came to capture him. Yang Chen would naturally not be soft hearted. When his big hand stretched out, he directly grasped the back of the head of the Yuanying stage ancestor, while his other hand grabbed his shoulders and arms and began to exert force.

Under the horror of the Yuanying realm ancestor, and the surrounding Jiedan realm masters, a horrible scream of pain in creepy voice was suddenly heard.

The Yuanying Ancestor that originally was aloof, whose head was connected to his body, was pulled out of the body by the hands of Yang Chen. No matter how much spirit power that had tempered the body of the Yuanying ancestor, it was as weak as tofu for Yang Chen, and he directly separated it into two sections.

The screams ended abruptly, and the fleshy bones were connected to the whole head, Yang Chen directly threw it to the roots of the Blood Phantom Vine in the medicine garden. The other side of the body was raised in the hands of Yang Chen, very skilfully he took off the Qiankun bag, and finally it also became blood for the Blood Phantom Vine.

As easily he put away the Qiankun bag of the Yuanying ancestor, Yang Chen’s eyes turned towards the other Jiedan masters.

For people who had cultivated, there were many ways to kill people. However, it was when using flying swords and other weapons. How could Yang Chen tear a Yuanying ancestor’s head off with his hand?

Not to mention that everyone was still affected by the bell, even if there was no such influence, watching the scene of Yang Chen tearing off the head of a Yuanying ancestor scared them to the soul.

“There’s someone responsible for every grievance. For every debt, there is a debtor, you and I were not resentful in those days, no recent hatred, nor pursuit. Why you must for no reason? Thus, delivers you to start off!” while speaking, Yang Chen did not stop, the people around the Yuanying ancestor was directly pulled by him, and was punched one by one, and instantly there were six heads which had exploded.

Until this moment, everyone was being gradually weakened by the influence of the bell, finally the spiritual power could be used again, but the remaining four Jiedan masters didn’t have the courage to attack Yang Chen. Even the Yuanying ancestor was not his opponent, the moment from which the spiritual power could be controlled again, the thought of escape took precedent in the minds of the four people.

However, the moment the Jiedan masters were able to use their spiritual power, Yang Chen recovered earlier than them. His mind moved, Wan Qian and the six women appeared directly around them, and the Five Sides Profound Women Formation surrounded the four Jiedan realm masters.

Originally facing Yang Chen had been chilling, now suddenly there were five more Jiedan masters surrounding them, and there was also a Yuanying master on the side as a deterrence. the little bit of courage the four people had gained was now lost. Awkwardly Yang Chen put them under restriction one by one, and they were afraid to even move around.

As soon as they got restricted, Yang Chen had already taken over the girls and appeared in the shuttle with them as captives. The four Jiedan masters were shocked but after seeing the surrounding situation, they finally understood why Yang Chen could hide under the sea.

What made the four people a little uneasy was that after Yang Chen restricted them, he did not ask any questions. He just checked and seized their Qiankun bags slowly and looked at what he was gaining. But the more this was the case, the four people’s hearts were more and more uneasy.

“Your surname?”

Finally, when Yang Chen checked the Qiankun bag one by one, Yang Chen took one of them to sit in front of him and asked.


He didn’t seem to think that Yang Chen would ask such a simple question, and the captive subconscious directly answered with one sentence.

“What grudge do you have with me?”

Yang Chen asked again. However, this time, this Jiedan master was no longer open, just staring at Yang Chen.

Brush, a flash of light flashed, the Jiedan master’s head flew directly in the air, from the headless neck blood spurted crazily. In the hands of Yang Chen, he held the hilt of the Bright Ray sword.

He didn’t look at the flying head. Yang Chen’s hand caressed the Bright Ray Sword, just like touching the skin of his lover, patiently and meticulously.

Waiting until the blood had sprayed out, Yang Chen slowly and steadily sent the body into the medicine garden to be used as fertilizer. Then he placed the Bright Ray Sword on a table beside him.

“Actually, I don’t want to know your purpose.”

As Yang Chen would collect all the blood and send it to the medicine garden. the shuttle would not get bloody at all. So, he was unafraid of blood spurting everywhere. He lazily said “Because your purpose, I know of it already.”

“Hunting me, you need nothing more than a few reasons. Revenge, or killing me to keep my mouth shut or murdering me because of some treasure I possess.” While continuing his tone, Yang Chen tilted his legs. “Killing me needs nothing more than just these few reasons, right?”

This was actually the truth, even if the remaining three guys were not happy, but they couldn’t help but admit, Yang Chen’s reasoning was not wrong. Killing people for no reason, except for the Demon Sect juniors or the Monster Race, Dao cultivators generally would not do it unless it was the last resort. Of course, those who blame themselves for their self-destruction were not counted, but these people are obviously not that kind of people.

“Which ancestors were you working for, if any of you tell me, you would get a chance to live.” Yang Chen smiled and said: “I noticed that you didn’t want me to die. It’s easier to guess, certainly it was not because of revenge, otherwise you would have tried to kill me, right?”

“Speaking of which, it seems that if a foundation stage younger generation can make a Yuanying ancestor with more than a dozen Jiedan masters come after him, then could only be about some alchemy crafts.” Yang Chen looked at his prisoners in front of him, and curiously asked: “What do you want? Ask Inner Heart Pill? Heaven Seizing Pill? Which one?”

The three did not have the slight reaction, they did not know whether it was intentional or not, but Yang Chen’s words were like poisonous snakes, ruthlessly plunging into their ears, disintegrating their persistence slowly.

“Since it’s a shackle, I don’t want you to die.”

Yang Chen’s words really hit the hearts of the three. If you were asked a thousand and ten thousand, if one really wanted to slay, one would just do it, and not  wait till now. It was not easy to cultivate to the Jiedan realm. If there was an opportunity, no one would be willing to die.

“This predecessor, I don’t know whether you can tell me, still who sent you to deal with me?”

Yang Chen’s head turned to the leftmost Jiedan realm master and he asked him very seriously.


This Jiedan realm master gently snorted, seemingly wanting to express his arrogance and displeasure.

Later, everyone saw a flash of a sword light, the guy who had just snorted, had his head detached and flown from his neck. He had been beheaded by Yang Chen’s sword.

The remaining two Jiedan realm masters’ faces became unsightly. They had heard that Yang Chen was a secular world Executioner, and it really was a well-deserved reputation. No one would have thought that Yang Chen turned out to be so ruthless; irking his displeasure while conversing by making a slight mistake or expressing one’s emotions, can make this executioner immediately start.

The remaining two Jiedan realm masters were all used to life and death, but when they faced Yang Chen, they still couldn’t help but tremble. These imperial Jiedan realm masters, faced with a descendant of the foundation period, could not even dare to look at him.

“There’s someone responsible for every grievance, for every debt there is a debtor.”

Yang Chen slightly sighed and shook his head saying, “I am not a bloodthirsty person, but I am also not a soft persimmon. If you want to get away with it, or want to keep the face of your predecessors, then feel free to try me.”

“You will never gain happiness!”

In excessive fear, one of the two remaining Jiedan realm masters suddenly went mad and shouted at Yang Chen.

“As you wish!”

Yang Chen did not even give the other a chance to regret, the moment his mouth closed, the sword fell, the screaming guy’s head flew up and as the other old man was high, the spouting blood sprayed on him.

“The guy who traced me is very smart, he didn’t come with you.”

Putting the blood dripping Bright Ray Sword to the side, Yang Chen said to the remaining the guy: “His Spiritual Awareness Imprint, still stays in my Sea of Consciousness .”

The remaining guy looked up suddenly and did not seem to understand why Yang Chen said so. But Yang Chen actually knew that the person who was tracking him was not among them, and he was somewhat surprised.

“This also means that you do not absolutely have to say anything.”

Yang Chen sneered aloud, “At the worst, if you don’t talk, I will have to look for him personally. Perhaps, he is your senior and has more information than you?”

As he said, Yang Chen’s hand had once again touched the hilt of the Bright Ray Sword. This action showed that the fate of the remaining guy was sealed; his body could not help but tremble.

“I will talk! I will talk!” Yang Chen’s hand had just lifted that the remaining guy began begging for mercy. He looked distressed, there was no trace of the bearing that a Jiedan realm master should have.

“I am listening!”

Yang Chen said coldly, but his hand did not leave the hilt.


Just saying a word, the Jiedan realm master became startled as if he saw something strange, and then said: “Yes…”

After saying these two words, the face of the Jiedan realm master Showed a stunned look, his body suddenly trembled sharply.

Yang Chen sighed and immediately understood. He didn’t want to think about it. He picked up the Jiedan realm master and threw him out of the shuttle. Then the shuttle sped up and rushed forward.

Only after flying more than 20 zhang, the body of the Jiedan realm master suddenly blew up in a huge explosion. He turned into a pile of minced meat.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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